Financing Types

Financing Types

We offer a wide variety of financing types that include Commercial Mortgages for Acquisition & Refinance, Non-Recourse, Cash-Out Refinance, Commercial Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Loans, Joint Venture Real Estate Equity, Preferred Equity and Construction Loans.

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Commercial Mortgages for Acquisition & Refinance

Need a loan for a commercial property, office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse, or an apartment complex: We can use the proceeds from a commercial mortgage to acquire, refinance or develop a commercial property.   


Do you have an asset to sell for a non-recourse loan? We can manage the terms of this loan and keep you from being liable if the loan defaults and money is still owed on the debt.

Cash-Out Refinance

Do you want to refinance your mortgage to cash out on your equity? You can use the cash to make home improvements or take care of pending expenses. Interest rates are a consideration for the timing of taking advantage of a cash out refinancing choice.  

Commercial Bridge Loans

Are you waiting for a loan solution to come though? We can offer a bridge loan solution to keep the transaction moving along when short-term options are required.  

Mezzanine Loans

Do you need to combine debt and equity financing? We can help your lender to convert equity if you are late in payment or if the debt is not paid in full.  

Joint Venture Real Estate Equity

Need venture equity for your project acquisition? We can help you acquire direct access to investors that can enable you to execute your business plan and achieve the ROI you are expecting.  

Preferred Equity

Need cash and have home equity? We can help you secure a second mortgage allowing you to borrow against the equity in your home.  

Construction Loans

Need a construction loan? We can help you construct a loan to help you minimize risk and maximize productivity. We can help you find outside-the-box structuring tailored to you.  

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